Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Communist tools of political persecution

One of the myths of contemporary mythology is the post-1990 democratization of Eastern Europe.

Human rights are routinely violated in Poland using communist tools, such as "occupational health services" in Poland.

The current Polish labor code was introduced under the communist dictatorship in 1974. Although it has been modified somewhat over the years, it is essentially the same framework as in 1974. Specifically, there is an obligation for the employee to undergo a medical examination before returning to work after a medical leave exceeding 30 days.

The occupational medical service has little to do with real protection of health. It is a repressive measure which can be easily used to punish anyone for purely political reasons by issuing a false health report, thus preventing a person to return to his/her job. Occupational medical service is an entirely separate branch of medicine in Poland, independent of regular physicians and hospitals. Their medical "examinations" are conducted regardless of decisions and expertise of the regular medical service. For example, you may be declared perfectly fit for work by the hospital or the primary care physician, and simultaneously you may be declared unfit for work by the occupational medicine.

On Dec. 15, 2015 the regional occupational medical center in Zielona Gora in western Poland issued a document banning my wife's return to work. The document is a total falsification of reality. It is a total fraud.

My wife is a great pianist and an excellent piano teacher. Teaching piano is her passion. Her students earned many prizes in national and international competitions.

Our family is persecuted for political reasons.