Friday, December 13, 2013

The Stalinist republic

Fundamental human and civil rights are systematically violated in Poland. People standing up for truth and dignity are subjected to acute forms of psychological torture. These measures are based on the know-how of the former Communist secret services. The apparatus of the current Polish state functions as a de facto organized crime. This phenomenon should be thoroughly analyzed and dealt with accordingly.

Poland is not a democracy. Our country is some kind of a Stalinist republic where the constitution and the laws are only meaningless decorations, an element of deception. People in the power system of the postcommunist junta destroy our lives with full impunity.

The human rights community overlooked a very important and fundamental problem. The perpetrators refined their killing ways since human rights policies were first formulated. Their methods became more sophisticated. They also worked hard on improving their deception skills. These days the target of an assassination is the mind and the soul. The body may live on, unless the target commits suicide, but it is only an empty living shell, a biological object.

Needless to say the whole Solidarity movement was organized and controlled by the Communist regime. Many people with good intentions joined but they had no influence. The Communists and their collaborators in the West created a false narrative in which the Communist regime fell under its own weight, defeated by a group of dissidents. This is complete nonsense.

Our family, including our daughter were attacked simultaneously. We were attacked in our workplaces and our daughter was attacked in her school. The methods used were typical of the Communist secret police. These were provocations designed to annihilate us psychologically, to destroy our professional lives, to destroy us as social personae, and finally to destroy us as a family.