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Using occupational medical service to violate fundamental rights in Poland

LS Borkowski
Release 33, Poland, 14 December 2015
Using occupational medical service to violate civic and human rights in Poland
According to the current Polish Labor Code adopted in 1974, employee returning to work after a medical leave of more than 30 days must submit to a medical examination, which is carried out by an occupational medical service, a separate branch of medical services. The outcome of this examination should be a medical certificate of being either fit or unfit for the particular job. This medical procedure is independent of all the usual medical services normally used by a person on medical leave.

Full text available at

Full text of the 1974 Labor Code
30 May 1996 Minister of Health ordinance

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Letter of Małgorzata Głuchowska to Polish PM, Nov. 14, 2012

Donald Tusk
Prime Minister
Al. Ujazdowskie 1/3
00-583 Warszawa

Zielona Gora, 14 November 2012

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you again. I am doing this not only in my own name, but also in the name of all those who already have been liquidated by the same methods, as those applied against me.

The context of the matter as well as the action of persons on different steps of the administrative and government ladder indicate that I am persecuted for political reasons. I am a descendant of the true Polish elites. Before WWII my grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather was a graduate of the Wilno conservatory, who fought in the 1939 campaign and was later imprisoned by the Soviet Union in Kozielsk and after the war was again imprisoned by the communist regime imposed by Moscow.

The series of provocations started in September 2011 with an attack of a subordinate, a piano teacher, a protege of the regional supervisor of the Ministry of Culture, and was continued by the representatives of higher levels of the state hierarchy.

I was attacked both as the head of the school's piano section and the head of the school's Parents Council.

I proved that the school director paid for the insurance of school buildings and school property from the funds of the Parents Council, without parents knowledge and without even trying to obtain their approval. In a civilized country the cost of the property insurance is borne by the owner, who in this case is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The Ministry decided to suppress the matter and to suppress the psychological violence in an artistic learning institution it supervises.

The insurance was only the tip of the iceberg. Other matters came out that were the result of an incredible failure on the part of the school director.

A decision was made to silence me permanently through an incredible bullying campaign, while various acute forms of ill-treatment continued. In order to mask the process of a systematic liquidation of me as a human being the perpetrators tried to create an impression that this was just a personal conflict first with my subordinate and later with the school director.

The regional supervisor of the Ministry of Culture, Krystyna Karcz, ordered falsification of documents that were supposed to simulate a lawful functioning of the school. However those documents should have been in existence for at least several years. The document dates were fictionally assigned to various dates in the past. The documents manufactured on supervisor's order were examined by several Ministry inspectors. Documents related to the day-to-day functioning of the school were also falsified: meetings minutes, protocols of the school's pedagogical council. Letters expressing various forms of slander against me were fabricated.

Falsified documentation formed the basis for the protocols of two ministerial inspections carried out by the Ministry inspectors, who claimed that my objections were groundless and suggested a personal conflict with the school director instead.

In those cases, where documentation forging was not possible, the Ministry representative prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec pretended to be unable to understand the plain language of charges I had made. This was the case e.g. of the director awarding the Master of Arts title to the person with insufficient education, who could not legally conduct actions where the M.A. title was required. The vaguely formulated ministerial decrees were interpreted by the Ministry representatives in a completely arbitrary manner. For example, the Ministry stated that there is absolutely no problem in introducing new teaching programs in the middle of a schoolyear, just before the mid-year auditions, in violation of the article 22a of the educational system act. Unsigned and undated school documents were treated as legally valid. When I described examples of being persecuted in the period January-March 2012, prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec repeated his mantra that an inspection conducted in December 2011 did not find that I was being victimized.

Having reached the limits of my endurance, I went to the local prosecutor office. I delivered my deposition twice, relating facts supported by material evidence. The first hearing was uneventful, although some disconcerting signals were evident: the prosecutor tried to persuade me to change my testimony. The hearing with the second prosecutor, who took the matter over from the first one, was a very traumatic experience, whose aim was obviously to discourage me from further contacts with the prosecutor office. The prosecutor was arrogant and hostile. He kept interrupting my story, trying to prevent me from formulating orderly, rational and clear sentences. He treated me as if I was the villain and not the person seeking justice and informing about violations of law. Eventually prosecutor Paweł Sawicki falsified my testimony. He "investigated" the matter under charges that I had not made. He completely ignored the bullying campaign conducted against me in my workplace. In February 2012 he closed the matter deciding not to open any proceedings.

When on 6 March 2012 I personally delivered an extensive documentation to the Ministry of Culture in Warsaw, I was immediately fired from the position of head of the piano section. To this day I have not received any justification for the firing. Lack of such justification violates article 39a of the Education System Act in a most obvious way.

I spoke to eight different lawyers. They all said I stood no chance of winning against the authorities, while at the same time I would most probably be fired from the school altogether.

In September and October 2012 I sent the Minister of Culture Bogdan Zdrojewski additional proofs of lies and falsifications of people engaged in this extraordinary matter. The documents implicated the participation of prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec from the Department of Artistic Schools and Cultural Education of the Ministry of Culture.

My correspondence addressed to the Minister for direct personal delivery was sent back to me unopened.

I am including my two last letters to the Ministry, dated 7 September 2012 and 5 October 2012.

Prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec responded to both of them in a letter of 8 October 2012, mailed from Warsaw on 17 October 2012, in the following way:
It is aimless to try to investigate the matters which you specified in attachments 1, 2, and 3 to your letter of 7 September 2012, to which you already received replies in letters mentioned in point 4 above. These replies were based on the findings of two investigative proceedings, carried out by the inspectors of the Ministry on 19-20 December 2011 and on 3-4 April 2012. Thus, in accordance with the article 239 paragraph 1 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, the Department of Artistic Schools and Cultural Education upholds the replies given in earlier letters to you (see letter of 8 October 2012 DEK/3917/12).

The yellow postal card which serves as the confirmation of delivery contained no name of the sender of this ministerial letter. That side of the card remained empty. I am mentioning this because during the previous year the correspondence between me and the Ministry encountered several problems. One of the letters sent to me by the regional inspector of the Ministry in Zielona Gora in December 2011 took nine days to arrive to Zielona Gora (i.e. it took nine days for the letter to travel several hundred meters).

Falsification of documents continues to this day. Illegal acts, falsehoods, lies cannot be hidden by simply putting documents into an archive and closing the school year. Quite obviously the Ministry inspections were not meant to change anything in the Zielona Gora state music school but to provide an excuse for delivery of both social and mental death to me.

I am still forced by the director to break the law under the threat of being fired.

As a result of psychological violence my health suffered very significantly. I used to be a specimen of a healthy human being, but since October 2011 I was not able to survive a day without sedatives. I was constantly in touch with the doctors who tried to identify the reason for this radical collapse. I breathed with difficulty. I had uncontrolled bouts of coughing that prevented me from normal functioning and communicating with people around me. After cardiological and laryngological tests it was clear that deteriorated health was caused by extreme stress. Since the persecution and bullying continued, despite the fact that I informed about it the Ministry inspectors, department directors at the Ministry, the primary care physician suggested a visit to a psychiatrist. An advice of a supposedly leading specialist was limited to a cynical statement, that this is what you usually get "when you stand up against those in power". He prescribed psychotropic pills which quickly lead to addiction. I will never forget the time when I was getting up in the morning with tears in my eyes, dreaming of this bestiality to end. I persevered thanks to my family's support. If I were a single person, I would certainly not be among the living anymore.

So what do you say to this, Mr. Prime Minister? In whose name, on whose orders the manhunt for Malgorzata Gluchowska was issued? I ask you for a full detailed reply.

My experience, backed up by material proofs and extensive documentation enable me to formulate the following statement: The effort of the authorities on different levels of the state ladder is focused on proving that the persecuted person has no argument, that the perpetrators are right. This state apparatus confirms and upholds all the illegal acts at the lower rungs of the hierarchy. Each little cog of this evil machinery remains in place, happily doing what is expected of him/her. The victim is treated as an outlaw. The criminal apparatus, hiding under the cover of state authorities conducts a regular manhunt for any citizen who was brave enough to try to use laws theoretically guaranteed by the constitution and other legal acts.

This same state apparatus suddenly becomes incompetent when state constitution, law, decency and common sense should be applied, when human dignity and human rights must be respected. At that very moment this apparatus suddenly becomes extremely powerless and unable to carry out even the most obvious and simple actions. Clearly it is not legal acts and not the constitution that form the axis, around which the activity of this apparatus is organized.

My case is representative for a wider phenomenon, which is a planned extermination of the Polish elites. This process is based on the following elements,

(1) systematic blocking of careers of ambitious independent individuals, talented and willing to engage in social activities,

(2) theft of intellectual property,

(3) provocation, slander, smear aimed at destroying emotional stability and public image of the attacked persons,

(4) liquidation by all available means of the social capital possessed by such person. These activities follow carefully designed scenarios.

This specific know-how of liquidating individuals was developed under the communist dictatorship. For example in the German Democratic Republic the Stasi secret police ran carefully prepared and scripted campaigns against oponents of the communist dictatorship, aiming at destroying their psyche and destroying them as social beings. The program was called Die Zersetzung. The Polish communist regime used similar methods. The writer Stanislaw Mackiewicz described in his book Russian Minds in Fetters (Myśl w obcęgach, 1929) the process of liquidating people designated by the Bolsheviks as outcasts (so-called lishentsi) in the Soviet Union. Similar phenomena and similar methods are at the core of the criminal activities with which we are dealing in Poland today.

The aim is still the same. To liquidate anyone, who is says "no" to breaking of the most elementary constitutional rights and rules of common decency by the authorities.

I can testify in front of parliamentary commissions to tell the story of my fight for truth
and teacher's dignity, while being at the same time an ordinary woman, wife and mother. Let us look closely at the methods that transformed a happy, lively woman into a wrecked human being in the period of several months. I have plenty to speak about. I hope that neither you nor Sejm (i.e. Polish "parliament") will evade the problem presented here.

My good name and my reputation are among my most precious possessions and I insist on explaining this whole shameful provocation. This should be done also in the interest of the entire country, because my case is not the only one.

I expect from you, Mr. Prime Minister, an answer to this letter. During the whole year of my fight for dignity and truth no one from the Ministry of Culture expressed even the slightest inkling for a direct contact with me. Minister Zdrojewski is silent. In response to my letters to the Prime Minister I received a reply in a typical bureaucratese that "the letter was handed over to an appropriate office for a review and reponse". Mr. Prime Minister, I already have gone all the way through the lower instances. I already know extremely well how the Polish state non-functions. I am writing to you personally, so that you do not hand over the letter to some other office. Letters addressed to the Prime Minister are letters addressed exactly to the Prime Minister, not to someone in one of the ministries. I would not try to absorb the attention of your office if the state apparatus had been doing its job. However, because I was persecuted and the very same state apparatus fully approved this, including the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, my letters to you should not be sent back to the Ministry of Culture. You are the addressee of this letter, Mr. Prime Minister. I hope you will not refrain from answering my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Małgorzata Głuchowska
Piano teacher of the 1st and the 2nd level school of music in Zielona Gora

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Red Army Choir on tour in Poland 2015

Russian Red Army Choir 2015 tour in Poland. Dates, cities and venues.

November 19 Warszawa TORWAR, ul. Łazienkowska 6a, 7 pm
November 20 Białystok Lodowisko BOSIR, ul. 11 Listopada 28,7 pm
November 21 Łódź Atlas Arena, ul. Bandurskiego 7, 6 pm
November 22 Płock ORLEN Arena, Plac Celebry Papieskiej 1, 6 pm
November 23 Bydgoszcz Hala Sportowo Widowiskowa Łuczniczka, ul. Toruńska 59, 7 pm
November 24 Elbląg Centrum Sportowo Biznesowe, ul. Grunwaldzka 135, 7 pm
November 25 Gdynia Arena, ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 8, 7 pm
November 26 Szczecin Hala Widowiskowo Sportowa Azoty Arena, ul. Szafera 3/5/7, 7 pm
November 28 Jastrzębie Zdrój Hala Widowiskowo Sportowa, ul. Jana Pawła II 6, 6 pm
November 29 Wałbrzych Hala Widowiskowo Sportowa Aqua Zdrój, ul. Ratuszowa 6, 6 pm
November 30 Zabrze Dom Muzyki i Tańca, ul. Gen. De Gaulle'a 17, 7 pm
December 1 Kraków Centrum Kongresowe, ul. M. Konopnickiej 17, 7 pm
December 2 Lubin Hala Widowiskowo Sportowa RCS, ul. Odrodzenia 28B, 7 pm

There were many similar tours of the choir in recent years. Recurring choir tours are not merely a curiosity. It is a strong political statement overriding official deceptive statements about Poland.

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Comrade Werblan's dissertation

On September 18, 2015, I went to the main university library and submitted a request for several publications of Andrzej Werblan, who for many years was the leading Polish communist ideologue and a prominent communist party member. For example, he was the chief of the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Marxism and Leninism from 1974 to 1982. He also held many other top positions within the party.

The publications I asked for where not included in the electronic catalogue of the library. They were part of the old card catalogue. The university clerk informed me it might take up to a month to make appropriate entries in the electronic catalogue and then they would sent me an email when I can come to check out requested publications.

Eight weeks later I still have not heard from the library.

On the same day, 18 Sept. 2015, I asked in the library information office where I could find the doctoral dissertation of Mr. Werblan. His official communist cv informed that he obtained a Master's degree in history from Warsaw University in 1954 and subsequently a Ph.D. in political science from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. He became chief of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party (PZPR, Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza) in 1955 and a full member of the Central Committee in 1956. All his political duties were associated with Warsaw and I wondered how he was able to do a Ph.D. in Poznan, 300 km west of the capital. I have not found information about the dissertation title and date when the doctoral degree was granted. This is strange, when you consider that for many years he was the top communist propagandist.

So far I have not been able to locate the dissertation.

More lately Mr. Werblan, a full communist professor since 1974, was associated with the European School of Law and Administration, a "private" school established in 1997, affiliated with the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. This is not an accident, of course. After 1990 the communists adopted "European" stamps and labels. However, this is a purely deceptive switch.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Termination of my employment at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

I received the letter on October 29, 2015. It was probably mailed on the 27th. Termination of my employment as an associate professor with tenure is a political one.

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NKVD Choir and Dance Ensemble in the Vatican 2004

The NKVD Choir and Dance Ensemble was established in the Soviet Union in 1939. NVKD stands for the National Committee of Internal Affairs. This organization was responsible for deaths of millions of people within the Soviet system of terror. Later, as NKVD was renamed into the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ensemble name was changed accordingly.

Interestingly, there are two ensembles using the name "Red Army Choir". One of them is the proper ensemble of the Red Army, established in 1929 by Alexandrov within the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense. The other is the NKVD Ensemble, later renamed into the Red Army Choir MVD Ensemble. MVD stands for Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russian. Of course it is odd to have two ensembles sharing the same name, especially since MVD is separate from Red Army.

Imagine for a moment that Nazi Germany had two choirs, Wehrmacht Choir and Gestapo Choir. Wouldn't it be odd to say "Wehrmacht Choir" in reference to Gestapo Choir? It would. So it is odd to use the name "Red Army Choir" in reference to NKVD (a.k.a. MVD) Choir.

When Poland was invaded in September 1939 by Nazi Germany from the west and by Soviet Union from the east, large number of Polish soldiers and officers were imprisoned in the Soviet Union. In Spring 1940 some twenty thousand Polish officers were executed by NKVD. The killing has been conducted over the course of several weeeks in several locations. The best known of them is Katyn in western Russia, where officers were shot on NKVD grounds by a single gun shot in the back of the head.

Pope John Paul II invited the MVD (former NKVD) Ensemble for a special performance in the Vatican on 15 October 2004 to celebrate the 26th anniversary of his pontificate. Among the songs performed that night was "Oka", specially composed in 1943 for the Polish communist division formed within the structures of the Red Army. That first division was the origin of the entire communist army and a symbolic beginning of the communist dictatorship in Poland. Since the concert's repertoire was agreed upon in advance with the pope, the inclusion of the "Oka" song was no accident. The pope was "visibly moved" during its performance.

The Polish pope repeatedly turned down requests to hold a religious ceremony to pray for the Polish officers murdered in 1940 by the Soviet NKVD. Inviting to the Vatican the ensemble representing the traditions of NKVD, Karol Wojtyła (John Paul's Polish name) unequivocally expressed his political sympathies.

The time has finally come to stop spreading lies, that John Paul II played a significant role in the "defeat" of communism in Eastern Europe.

Two points should be made. Neither was communism defeated, nor John Paul II was its adversary.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Red Army ensemble in Poland

Red Army choir, known as Alexandrov Ensemble, was a frequent visitor to Poland in recent years. Organizing concerts of representatives of armed forces of the country which imposed communism all over Eastern Europe and conducted genocide of those opposing communism is a bad idea.

On Sept. 13, 2014 I sent an email to the agency EAR representating the choir in Poland, where I said

I would like to know if Alexandrov Ensemble will perform in Poland on the anniversary of the October Revolution, just like it did in recent years.

Does the Ensemble have any songs of the prisoners of the Soviet concentration camps in its repertoire? My parents spent jointly 17 years in those camps and I would welcome a chance to become acquainted with the products of the camps' culture.

I would appreciate if you send me information about Ensemble's concerts in 2014.
Later I found out that the 2014 tour in Poland was cancelled. However the 2015 tour is on.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cultural imperialism. How much has really changed?

In the period 1990-2015 many Russians and Ukrainians found employment in Polish elementary and secondary state schools of music. This would be ok if their professional qualities exceeded those of the local candidates and if there were no qualified candidates from Poland. However, graduates of Polish musical academies often experience great difficulties in finding suitable jobs. This makes the practice of employing foreign nationals highly questionable.

It is clear that this employment policy did not have good results. Combined with other circumstances and facts, it is an evidence of continued cultural imperialism from the East. It is also one of many proofs that things have remained essentially unchanged in the area of job inequalities and discrimination faced by some Poles in Poland. During the communist dictatorship 1944-1990 all those with anti-communist views were strongly discriminated and often harassed in their jobs and in private life. Not much has changed. Discrimination continues, sometimes even more openly than before 1990. I and my wife experienced and continue to experience a vicious political persecution.

There is an interesting case of a Russian citizen Olga R. employed in 1993 by the Musical Academy in Wroclaw with the rank of adiunkt, which may be roughly compared to a mix between a post-doc and an assistant professor at an American university. In a July 4, 2007 ruling, case II PK 358/06, the Supreme Court (Sąd Najwyższy) stated that she did not have the academic title required for this job. She was a Russian citizen, a graduate of the Musical Academy in Sankt Petersburg.

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Repressive measures in Poland

The Polish daily Rzeczpospolita informed in a Jan. 18, 2002 article about the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court (Naczelny Sąd Administracyjny) concerning the university rector's refusal of examinee's access to the written examination record conducted at the Warsaw University (Uniwersytet Warszawski). The case concerned university entrance exams that occurred probably some time in late June or early July 2001. The person who was refused admission to the university requested access to the written record of the exam. The rector refused.

The matter went all the way to the Supreme Administrative Court where the rector failed to provide any justification whatsoever for his decision. The court ordered the rector to consider examinee's application once again. It was not the order to simply grant access to the exam record. The ruling said only that the application should be reconsidered.

This case is representative of a great number of everyday situations where information is either hidden or access to information is flatly denied by representatives of an institution. This is one of the simplest ways to violate basic rights which is common in Poland. It is a repressive measure applied arbitrarily. Repetitive denial of rights to select persons is a deliberate policy. It is probably presented to the outside world as an unfortunate exception. However, a closer inspection reveals often an obvious pattern of abuse of human and constitutional rights.

There is a huge difference between the concept of the state in the democratic countries of the West and the concept of the state in the "newly-democratic" countries of Eastern Europe. This is certainly a deep and severe problem in Poland.

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Polish intelligence services pretend to be stupid

On July 22, 2011 Anders Breivik detonated a self-made bomb in the center of Oslo, then drove out of town, took a ferry to Utoya island, where he killed several dozen young people participating in cultural and political activities.

Soon it became known that Breivik bought 150 kg of powder aluminum and several hundred grams of sodium nitrate from a one-person company located in Wrocław, Poland.

He bought fuse from another one-person company located in Poznań, or near Poznań in Poland. Visco fuse, as they wrote in a newspaper.

The Polish security agency, Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (Internal Security Agency), paid the fuse seller a visit after receiving information from the Norwegian police several days after the massacre. The sale of fuse and chemical compounds which may be used to manufacture explosive material did not require any special license in Poland. Both ABW and media presented the two Polish suppliers of Breivik as ordinary salesmen catering to hobbyists interested in fireworks.

The British media, e.g. the Sky tv network, reported that after his Polish transactions Breivik was placed on a watch list of British intelligence service. If British intelligence knew about Breivik's purchases in Poland, it is pretty obvious that also the Polish intelligence must have known about it. It is highly probable that both Polish suppliers of Breivik were in close contact with the Polish intelligence. The lack of official controls over the trade in pyrotechnic materials in Poland was not accidental. Some participants of an English language pyrotechnics discussion group pointed out that the website of the firm from Wrocław looked like a "sting operation" under the supervision of intelligence services.

Taking into account the Polish realities, nuisances and barriers often faced by small businesses in Poland, and often plain harrassment by authorities of various kind, I do not think these one-person businesses were independent.

Participants of a pyrotechnics hobbyists discussion group at one of Internet sites warned each other of likely sting operation:

Polish intelligence services did not inform the Norwegian police about Breivik's activities.

ABW put on a mask of a naive and disoriented organization, who do not see anything wrong in selling pyrotechnic materials by individuals over the Internet. In reality ABW and people around it must have known that Breivik had bad intentions. ABW (or another of the agencies) created the environment enabling an easy purchase of explosive material by individuals residing in West Europe and decided not to warn the Norwegian police or intelligence service about Breivik.

Intelligence services in Poland are supervised by the prime minister. Donald Tusk was prime minister of Poland at the time of the Breivik attack in 2011. He is now the president of the European Council. Can he be trusted? Absolutely not. One of the tasks of the Council is setting the EU's common foreign and security policy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three generations of political persecution. Genocidal activities in Poland

8 July 2015

In the text below the following abbrevations are used: LSB – Author of this blog, MG – Author's wife, JB – Author's daughter.

We would like to inform about violations of human rights, violations of constitutional rights and about persecution of our family members for political reasons. For many years we have tried to explain and repair various irregularities. We sent many letters to authorities with questions and requests for explanations. In response there was either dead silence or increased repressions and humiliating treatment. Violations of law continue for many years. They have a persistent and a permanent character. We have analyzed in detail available evidence, data and our interactions in different social environments and in different institutions. We have also read professional literature in humanities nad social sciences. Having done all that we conclude that we are obviously dealing with persecution for political reasons, although any reference to this phenomenon is carefully omitted in public life.

The persecution continues without interruption since the generation of our grandfathers, i.e. since the second world war. Having invaded Poland, Soviet Union confiscated grandfathers farm on the side of LSB's mother, I.B., maiden name O., in G. near B. in Brasław county. Seven persons, nearly entire family, was imprisoned in concentration camps for support given to Polish underground resistance fighters, who opposed both the German and the Soviet occupation. I.B. was imprisoned from 1949 to 1956. Members of her family were tortured physically and psychologically.

Soviet invaders confiscated the farm of LSB's paternal grandfathers in the village of K. in Oszmiana county. LSB's father B. refused to serve in the communist army under Soviet control in January 1945 and fled together with several dozen of his countrymen. This decision was a revolt against genocide of Polish citizens, including members of the Polish anti-Nazi resistance, carried out by the Soviet Union. B. did not want to pledge allegiance to communists murderers. He also participated in a battle against Soviet forces. He was a political prisoner in communist concentration camps from 1945 to 1956.

After coming out from the camps LSB's parents continued to be persecuted and watched by the communist secret services both at workplace and in private life. LSB was also a target of these activities. He wanted to be a scientist but had no chance to do a Ph.D. in communist Poland. Having obtained a doctoral degree in Physics from an American university in 1995, he returned to Poland. Here repressions resumed immediately.

LSB and MG married in 1997. Shortfly afterwards also MG became the target of repression. Later our daughter JB was also targeted.

In 1999 the regional inspector of the Ministry of Culture blocked the advance of MG to the position of the head of the piano section in the State School of Music in Z.G. The inspector claimed in a letter addressed to the school director, that MG did not possess the necessary professional qualifications. This was an unjustified and unlawful action. MG obviously did possess all the required qualifications. The letter was an obvious ploy to stop MG's professional advance.

In September 2011 an intensive campaign was launched, whose aim was to bring MG to social death. Representatives of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as two state prosecutors participated in the campaign.

In the same school year of 2011/12 a series of simultaneous provocations was launched against LSB and MG in their workplaces and against their daughter in her elementary school.

On 8 March 2012 MG was fired from the post of the section head (she held that position since 2008) without justification. The law regulating the educational system requires that such decision be accompanied by a written explanation. One cannot fire a person from a managerial post in the educational system without written precise, detailed explanation. MG lost part of her income as a result. MG was also deprived of the usual school director awards which are given yearly to successful teachers.

LSB was deprived of university rector's award in 2012 (for achievements in 2011) which he should obviously receive for his discoveries in the scientific work. Rector's award in 2011 was reduced to third class (first class being the highest), although the significance of his work was obviously much greater.

University documents concerning LSB were falsified at the University where he is employed and elsewhere a number of times. The university management, the department leaders and coworkers violated the law. They did their utmost to block LSB's professional development and were continuously trying to make him quit the Department of Physics of the University. There were also attempts of theft of LSB's intellectual property.

Documents of the State School of Music in Z.G. were falsified. This statement refers both to documents concerning MG herself and to those concerning the overall functioning of the school.

There are serious reasons to believe that our daughter JB is improperly treated in her current school for political reasons.

In recent years individuals unknown to us entered our apartment during our absence on number of occasions. Situations were arranged with an obvious aim to induce the feeling of fear.

Actions against LSB and MG were conducted also in countries outside Poland.

Actions aimed at total destabilization, and consequently psychological breakdown, resulting in strong PTSD symptoms and mental and social death, are carried out following schemes devised under communist dictatorship. These schemes were adapted to new circumstances after 1990 and are in continuous use today. The attack is carried out not only in the professional field but also in the area of private life, including family life. It is based on continuous delivery of traumatic incidents of varying intensity. It is aimed at destroying our psychological resistance, destroying the joy of life, the will to live and the will to undertake creative activities.

Actions of genocidal character are being carried out in Poland without interruption since WWII. The targets of the persecution are all those who firmly opposed communism and refused to bend their back to the communist rule. Communists murdered them, deprived of jobs suitable to their professional qualifications, confiscated property and deprived of chances for social advance. They also decided to erase them from public memory.

Observation of public life in Poland and our family experience prove that we are dealing with a decision of „de facto damnatio memoriae” type. It is action which has not been publicly announced – otherwise it would be a public admission of guilt – whose aim is to eliminate persecution targets from public memory, to falsify their social and professional idenity, to falsify or hide documents related to them and their families, to make their life unbearable.

Signed by LSB and MG

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Letter to the Iranians

The letter included below was sent to about a dozen of Iranian university professors.
Note: I am perfectly aware of reports of human rights violations in Iran.


January 24, 2014

Iran is a faraway country on another continent. It is a country different in so many ways from the place where we live. It is often portrayed in western media as a place, in which human rights and civil rights are frequently violated. We have no means to verify the accuracy of this kind of message.

In the past we used to believe most of what we have been told about Iran on the Polish and international news channels. Having no way to meet people and culture directly, we usually have to rely on intermediaries, whoever they are. We are absolutely defenseless to any misrepresentations and distortions they may insert into their stories about Iran.

This letter is an attempt to reach out through the barrier of prejudice, lies and stupidity. We are sending you the story of what our family has been through recently (my wife, our daughter and I).

Throughout the ages, when strangers met, they often exchanged their stories. It was some kind of a goodwill gesture and a sign of mutual respect. Telling the story to another person and listening in exchange to the other side's story was always crucial for human understanding. It was a foundation for building mutual trust and respect.

We do not expect anything in return from you. Of course, by telling the story we express desire to be heard. However, all we ask from you is to read the story. There are several messages in it. They may be of interest also to you.

We would like to bring to your attention some important issues that have been neglected in academic studies. The essence of this failure can be summarized as disappearance of critical thinking. It is as if entire areas of study became brain dead. No critical questions are asked. Reality does not agree with theories put forward by social and political scientists, but we do not hear anyone saying "sorry, we lied", or at least "sorry, we were wrong".

We state that the political and historical studies about the post-1945 East-Central Europe (and Communism in general) were significantly falsified. We are keenly aware about the seriousness of the claim. We are ready to provide plenty of evidence. Here is some.

This letter, with attachments, is mostly about experience of my wife, a pianist and piano teacher in Zielona Gora in western Poland. Some of our statements may seem pretty strong. However, the events we went through and the understanding of the Polish reality we gained in the process leave us no choice. So here it is.

We would like to inform the international community that fundamental human and civil rights are systematically violated in Poland. People standing up for truth and dignity are subjected to acute forms of psychological torture. These measures are based on the know-how of the former Communist secret services. The apparatus of the current Polish state functions as a de facto organized crime. This phenomenon should be thoroughly analyzed and dealt with accordingly.

Poland is not a democracy. Our country is some kind of a Stalinist republic where the constitution and the laws are only meaningless decorations, an element of deception. People in the power system of the postcommunist junta destroy our lives with full impunity.

The human rights community overlooked a very important and fundamental problem. The perpetrators refined their killing ways since human rights policies were first formulated. Their methods became more sophisticated. They also worked hard on improving their deception skills. These days the target of an assassination is the mind and the soul. The body may live on, unless the target commits suicide, but it is only an empty living shell, a biological object.

This continuity of killing, albeit with the transition of the killing method from the physical into the nonphysical, mental domain is the most frightening message.

Needless to say the whole Solidarity movement was organized and controlled by the Communist regime. Many people with good intentions joined but they had no influence. The Communists and their collaborators in the West created a false narrative in which the Communist regime fell under its own weight, defeated by a group of dissidents. This is complete nonsense.

Our family, including our daughter were attacked simultaneously. We were attacked in our workplaces and our daughter was attacked in her school. The methods used were typical of the Communist secret police. These were provocations designed to annihilate us psychologically, to destroy our professional lives, to destroy us as social personae, and finally to destroy us as a family.

One of us, LSB, knows these methods very well. Active measures were applied against his family during his childhood. He also experienced them later during his student years and in his academic professional life.

Enclosed are two documents:

(1) A letter in English dated 22 May 2013,

(2) Our release The Critical Mind and the Copernican Lesson. It focuses on Poland, but its significance is much broader.

The top Polish officials, including the prime minister and the president, were informed in great detail about the matter. They chose to remain silent, confirming their full approval of the terror.

This letter covers only part of the action of the Polish junta against our family.
A similar letter was sent recently to a number of US and European researchers, policy analysts, and members of European Parliament.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Case of borrowed rhetoric?

My wife and I sent a letter to the Office of the EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship on June 6, 2013. Our letter addressed violations of human rights and the policies of causing social death in Poland.

EU President Barroso delivered his "state of the Union" speech on 11 Sept. 2013, see e.g.

On Sept. 13, 2013 I sent him the following letter.

Dear Mr. Barroso,

Below is a letter which I sent to the EU Commission on 6 June 2013.

It is my comment on the state of the Union. The EU is absolutely unable to enforce even the most basic respect for human dignity and human rights among its members. Dignity is the subject of the first article of the EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights.

I am aware of legal constraints that do not allow a direct intervention into a country's "internal affairs". However if we are to be a _Union_, i.e. a community, then we must engage in a direct, honest and free exchange of views on anything that bothers us. Specific legal constraints cannot be an obstacle to a free exchange of information among the citizens of different countries of Europe and its European representatives.

The problem described in my letter is very real and very ugly. For some reason the psychological terror is not treated as crime. The entire human rights framework is blind to this type of crimes.

I urge you to take action on this issue. I repeat my and my wife's offer of travelling to Brussels in order to present testimony and evidence of how psychological terror is applied in Poland. Is anyone in Brussels afraid of facing the truth?

By the way, the following paragraph in your speech is surprisingly similar to a paragraph from our letter:

"For that reason, strengthening the social dimension is a priority for the months to come, together with our social partners. The Commission will come with its communication on the social dimension of the economic and monetary union on the 2nd of October. Solidarity is a key element of what being part of Europe is all about, and something to take pride in."

In our letter we say:

"The advanced knowledge of the social sciences was employed for the sole purpose of murdering the soul and murdering the social dimension of a person. Psychology became operational psychology. The key elements to the successful murder of the social being are the isolation of the victim and the participation of as many perpetrators as possible. This is the true meaning of Solidarity in Poland. It is the solidarity of the oppressors against an individual. All these methods inherited by the current Polish junta are widely used in Poland today. Psychological terror against any bright and brave individual standing up for dignity and honor is the main tool of the regime."

The phrases that appear in both texts are "social dimension", "key elements", "solidarity". Note that also the phrase "the trenches" appears in your speech as well as in our letter.

Yours sincerely,


I am enclosing a brief comparison of some items in his speech with our letter. There are interesting coincidences. It appears as if few things were borrowed from us.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention 2012

21 February 2014

The Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood appeared at the Republican National Convention 2012 in Tampa on Thursday, 30 August 2012. He spoke ahead of Mitt Romney who accepted his party's presidential nomination. The actor's off-script performance, during which he talked with an empty chair, was quite awkward. Among many strange sentences, the following one appeared to refer to something familiar to me.
they are always devil's advocating this and bifurcating this and bifurcating that. You know all that stuff.
Claude Meunier and Idan Segev, "Playing the Devil's advocate: is the Hodgkin-Huxley model useful? ", Trends in Neurosciences, Vol. 25, No. 11, November 2002, pp. 558-563.
Here is the entire issue of the journal online, and the said article again.

The word "bifurcation" appears in that article three times. What a coincidence of keywords.

Eastwood's choice of words, just like the entire rambling performance, was very unusual. I have not seen any sensible explanation of it yet.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Founding Lie of Concentration Camp Poland

On February 25, 2014 we sent the following letter to the Polish Prime Minister, President and to a group of people well-known in the public life in Poland.

The founding lie of the Stalinist republic you are governing now was Stalin's answer to the question of gen. Władysław Sikorski about the whereabouts of the Polish officers taken prisoners of war after the Soviet Union invaded Poland in September 1939. The question posed by Sikorski is well known. Stalin's answer is also well known. The following history in our part of the world, up to this day, is a logical consequence of that lie. Your actions bring fresh evidence of it every day.

On March 5, 2015, about 7:50 pm CET a person in the evening news program of the public TVP 1 channel said that the Katyn lie (*) was the founding lie of the Communist People's Republic of Poland.

This is a false statement, since it contradicts both contemporary reality and recent history. It tries to limit the consequences of the Katyn lie to the period between 1944 and 1990. Let us therefore say it once again.

Stalin's lie in response to the question about Polish officers is the founding lie of Concentration Camp Poland. It is being replayed and repeated in multiple ways in all areas of life. It is easily noticeable in the selection and promotion of cadres of the camp. And cadres decide everything. Кадры решают все!

(*)  Katyn is the place near Smolensk in Western Russia, where several thousand of the officers were transported to and executed by the Soviet NKVD functionaries; the execution was carried out over the period of several weeks in the Spring of 1940 by shooting each individual in the back of the head; similar executions of the Polish Army officers were carried out by the Soviet NKVD in other places. The mass graves in which the bodies of the murdered officered were dumped were uncovered in 1943 by the German army which at that time occupied large areas of Western Russia. The remains were exhumed, studied and catalogued. Professional medical examinations were carried out by a team of experts in forensic pathology brought in from several countries remaining under German occupation.

One of the witnesses of the exhumation was Polish writer Józef Mackiewicz. He published the account of the genocide in his book "The Katyn Wood murders". The name "Katyn" is often used as a symbolic name to denote the genocide carried out by the Soviet Russia against the Poles during WWII and in the post-war years.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Voice from Concentration Camp Poland

The state apparatus in Poland is in reality the crew of the Concentration Camp Poland. Fanatically obedient and fully dedicated to their criminal organization.

The genocide in Poland continues. The methods of social murder are identical to those used by the communist dictatorship. Here is an excerpt from the letter of my wife, a piano teacher at a state school of music (for children of an elementary and high school age), dated 22 May 2013. The school is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the government of Poland (Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego). The minister of culture, the prime minister, the president of Poland, the speaker of the Sejm, and scores of other officials and public figures, including the Polish parliament (Sejm) members were all notified and received appropriate information. Not one of them tried to stop the crime. Also the public prosecutors, lawyers, doctors (physicians), teachers, trade union representatives know about it. They remain silent because they belong to the criminal organization.

The text is published with her permission.

It is hard to imagine the suffering of a person subjected to a liquidation procedure. I could not eat, I could not sleep. I had trouble breathing. My stomach ached. My whole body was in pain. The coughing bouts prevented normal communication with people around me. I was taking large quantities of sedatives and psychotropic pills. Days, weeks and months were passing. I felt completely isolated and alone. There was no help from anywhere. Here in the middle of Europe a human soul was being murdered in front of a crowd. This was an attempt to murder a human being. Because the murder of a soul is the murder of man. This is a crime although for reasons unknown the mankind does not want to deal with it. I suppose, if evil is not called by its true name, it makes it easier to pretend it does not exist. This is a huge inequality: the soul treated as vastly inferior to the body.

The psychological torture was administered methodically, day by day, in a planned and thoughtful manner. For a long time. I was forced into situations where there was no good choice. I was ordered to thank publicly my oppressors. I was pressured to do things against the law. I was many times pressured to explain matters that I already explained earlier. I was falsely accused of neglecting to fulfill some obligations, although at the same time I was prevented from meeting those obligations. I was slandered, accused of theft. I was vilified in the eyes of all school employees, our school students, their parents and the entire artistic community. The repressions continued also outside school. I was harassed and bullied with telephone calls, emails, letters and phone text messages. It was an attempt to strip me of honor, dignity and humanity. This was very similar to a gang rape, with the exception that the target of the rape was not my body but my soul. The scars in my psyche will remain forever. You cannot erase this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camp Poland. Enforcing collectivism through collective responsibility

On the day of the second round of presidential elections in Poland, 24 May 2015, the polls were closing at 9 pm. The law requires that the so-called electoral silence holds from midnight on Friday night until polls are closed on Sunday, the election day. However, an elderly lady died at a polling station in a village near the southern border. The voting at that station was extended by one hour and a half. The law requires that no exit polls or results of vote counts are reported until all polling stations are closed.

Thus results of exit polls were reported at 10:30 pm instead of 9 pm. While to some this might seem a consequence of petty legalism it really is an exercise of collective responsibility.

Electoral silence in Poland is similar to curfew in a state of emergency, under marshal law or in a concentration camp. People are trained to cease an activity or engage in it at precise time on orders issued by the central command. If an individual or a small group of prisoners in a concentration camp breached a camp rule, no matter how small and unimportant the violation, all prisoners could be forced to stand outside in the heat or cold and do whatever the commandant ordered.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Out of the chessboard

The disappearance of Boris Nemtsov from the scene on 27 February 2015 is widely believed to be a result of a political assassination. Whatever the cause of the disappearance, assassination is not likely. Nemtsov and other people like him are part of the political ecosystem, moved arbitrarily around the political chessboard. Sometimes pawns and figures disappear from the chessboard, but this need not imply a physical death.

In both communist and postcommunist systems, and there is little difference between the two, no people, who might challenge the status quo, are admitted to the inner circles of power. Communists and postcommunists are not stupid. Keep in mind that Nemtsov advanced on the political ladder throughout the 1990s, reaching the post of the vice premier of Russia in 1997. He remained at the top of the Russian "opposition" since 1999.

Such advance and visibility is reserved to the most trusted cadres of an entirely falsified narrative. His "criticism" of Putin (corruption blah blah) is chicken feed.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simulated "antisystemic" candidate of the system

The comedy of elections in camp Poland is based on the fact that all candidates to whatever political jobs and functions are participants of the only public game in town: The Simulation. They play their roles following the rules imposed on them by the central committee of narrative control (let us abbreviate it as CCNC). All public commentaries are part of the simulation.

Last evening's tv discussions aired by the channels Polsat News and TVP Info had particularly comic character. The studio guests in both channels unanimously praised one of the "antisystemic" candidates. They said that his authenticity was a result of him speaking "from his guts". Obviously the phrase "from his guts" is part of the instructions issued by CCNC.

It was even more funny to hear this expression in one channel and then hear it again in in short succession after switching to the other dis-information channel.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Karol, who remained an actor

On Monday 6 April 2015 the tv channel TVP 1 showed "Kuchnia papieska" (The Papal kitchen), in which several Polish actors talked about food and the Polish pope John Paul II. In his youth Karol Wojtyła (the future JPII) was interested in theater, participated in activities of a theatrical group and hoped to be an actor. However he later decided to go to a religious seminary instead.

Did actors participating in the tv show play their real selves?
Or did they play actors discussing the food and the pope?
Or did they play actors talking about an actor who became pope?
Or did they talk about pope who remained an actor?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kollektive Arbeit Macht Frei

Almost everyone heard of and saw the inscription above the Auschwitz camp gate: Arbeit macht frei.

Communists were also very fond of praising the virtues of work. I heard it from my parents in the version "he who does not work, neither shall he eat". Those in the communist concentration camps who did not make the quota for the day, received no bread or a very small portion of it. Calling the tasteless brick "bread" is of course an insult to the real baker's product.

Today one of the Polish neo-Bolsheviks praised in his speech broadcast on tv the necessity of forcibly requiring children in schools to practice collective work. This is of course a dirty trick. Work and team work is with us from the beginnings of mankind. A sudden proclamation that these days nothing can be achieved without collective effort is a sign of a hidden agenda.

Friend of the state

Luke Harding, associated with the UK daily The Guardian, wrote "Mafia State: How One Reporter Became An Enemy Of The Brutal New Russia". It was published in 2012.

Russia has nothing to fear neither from Harding nor from The Guardian. Quite the opposite. My knowledge and experience suggest Harding's story is at least partially fake.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Faking public anger

Recent "disturbances" of public order in two Polish cities were simulated.

One of the aims of these simulations is to create an impression that Poland becomes westernized and acquires typical western problems along the way. There were demonstrations and protests in US recently, in reaction to deaths resulting from police actions. While the events in US were real, the alleged two deaths in Poland were most likely faked and similarly faked were the "disturbances".

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Social Murder and Dictatorship of the Fake Narrative

No. 18, 25 February 2015

The public narrative in Poland is simulated. The entire public life is simulated. Only the junta members or those approved by the junta are allowed to participate in the public life. Their job is to perform pre-programmed roles. The texts of the actors of the fake narrative often mirror the language of authentic persons targeted by the junta for forceful elimination from the social life. This is a specific form of identity theft. Social cannibalism. Societies engaging in cannibalism against their competitors or enemies believed that by eating their body parts they will gain desirable characteristics of the eaten. Cannibalism was a privilege and a reward, proof of a high social status.

Junta members think similarly. By engaging in acts of social cannibalism they elevate their social status. We can say that the clone or a double murders the original and then tries to take over the original's role, stealing his or her accomplishments, ideas and the control over the original's narrative.

The genocide initiated in Poland by the Nazis and the Communists goes on. It has been transferred into the social space and the mental space. The aim is to eliminate the targeted person as a social being and an active participant of the social life. This is simply a transition from the physical liquidation stage to the stage of social and mental liquidation.

The social murder is executed with great zeal. The perpetrators do not spare energy and resources. They are guaranteed impunity. Their sadism and psychological cruelty will be rewarded by their comrades.

In contrast to the real social murder, which is meticulously hidden away by the dictatorship of the falseist narrative, the public narrative is filled with simulations of physical death. Much is spoken and written about death that has not occurred, while the real death inflicted in the form of the social and mental murder is purged from the narrative. This is a method of hiding the genocide. The theatrical ritual of death is exercised but is limited to simulated events.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fake dissidents for fake narratives

Production of fake dissidents is a routine job of the Russian junta. Earlier fake dissidents and fake opposition movements were routinely manufactured in the Soviet Union and its communist satellites. The communists have understood very well that a truly successful dictatorship, i.e. one controlling the past, the present and the future, needs rebels and dissidents. Real rebels and dissidents are out of the question. If there is a real rebel or dissident somewhere he or she is to be liquidated quietly, without fanfare and without cameras rolling.

Running agents posing as dissidents is an intelligence job. Each such figure or movement is a project involving the creation of a legend, making them known to the world media, and a continually updated script for a protracted fight with the authorities.

For example the Russian blogger N., who was recently made into a major figure opposing the Kremlin rulers is a fake figure. The same applies to a certain punk band that sang stupid songs in an Orthodox church and was later "punished" by a labor camp sentence. Western media swallowed these lies without a wink.

The existence of agents posing as opposition, legal or illegal, greatly increases the possibilities for the management of the public dramaturgia. It is also beneficial for the image of Russia in the West. It prepares foundations for future lies to be manufactured and spread throughout  the world. You don't put all your eggs into one basket, the basket of the current ruling circles. When it becomes convenient or even necessary to switch the narrative about the ruling team, these "rebels" are ready to be put into the parliament, ruling circles, media, etc.

In other words, you need fake dissidents if you want to have a full control of the public narrative.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Unusual use of language

On 23 June 2014, at 8:23 PM CET the following sentence was spoken on the Polish state-run main tv channel TVP 1:

Polska jest dozorcą amerykańskich interesów w Europie.

Poland is a custodian of American interests in Europe.

It is very unusual to use the word "dozorca" in this context. It would be much more appropriate to use the word "strażnik": "Polska jest strażnikiem amerykańskich interesów w Europie". However even after this replacement the sentence would remain an element of the fake official narrative.

Later the following words were also used:

8:28 PM CET

8:30 PM CET

8:38 PM CET
customers (used twice)

8:39 PM CET

The use of these keywords is not quite accidental.