Thursday, March 13, 2014

Much ado about nothing

A lot of strange and sometimes stupid things were said in the last couple of months about Yanukovych's and Putin's intentions regarding Ukraine and its relations with the European Union and Russia.

I do not claim to know the intentions of the Russian leadership. However, I would like to point out that there is at least one aspect of the action in Ukraine over the last three and a half months that makes a lot of sense. It is the protection of the Russian intelligence assets in Poland and elsewhere.

The angry anti-Russian rhetoric that was imposed on the media in Poland is completely artificial. It was imposed by the very same people who earlier were saying something completely different. This sudden outburst of hysteria has no basis in reality. It is a spectacle played jointly by the Russians, Ukrainians and the Polish junta. It is likely that the aim of this theatrical anti-Russian hysteria is to turn attention away from the anti-American stance of the Polish junta and its likely collaboration with the Russian intelligence.

And what do you think, comrade Angela?