Sunday, November 2, 2014

Faking it in Poland and elsewhere in the Post-Soviet World

The view expressed by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times in his article on 5 November 2003, concerning politics in the post-Soviet world, that the

aim is not only to establish a monopoly of power but also to monopolise the competition for it
is actually far too conservative. Actually they control the entire public sphere and the entire state apparatus, not just the technology of the electoral process and its participants. In retrospect, this is a logical consequence of two full generations, since 1945, of communist terror in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Wolf meant mostly Russia and Ukraine. However, Poland also is tightly controlled today by the same people as before 1989. The so-called "democratic opposition to communism" was a political project run by the communists themselves. Later they stopped calling themselves communists and created artificial parties with artificially created programs and artificially appointed leaders. The entire Solidarity project was the work of the communist intelligence. After decades of Marxism and Leninism, creating fake political parties and filling them up with members of the junta was a piece of cake. After all, the entire communist public life was fake.

So now we have also major western media and various western authorities engaging in the falsification of reality in a major way. Quite an interesting period in the history of Europe. Millions of people deceiving themselves and deceiving others.