Monday, October 7, 2013

Psychological Terror as a Tool of Systematic Liquidation of Individuals and Families in Poland

Fundamental human rights are systematically violated in Poland.

(1) The persecution is politically motivated.

(2) Job-related documentation concerning certain individuals is falsified.

(3) The targeted individuals are denied access to the fabricated documentation, in violation of the Polish constitution and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

(4) This activity bears characteristic marks of an organized crime. This is an organized crime whose objective is to deprive dignity, to kill the victim's soul, to destroy the reputation of the attacked person and to forcefully remove the person from the public and the social spheres of life. This is the killing of the social personae, the killing of the social dimension of the human being. It is a crime and should be recognized as such.

(5) The psychological terror is used routinely in Poland.

(6) It is a continuation of totalitarian methods of control and terror used under the communist dictatorship prior to 1990. Currently the psychological terror is executed in the context of a political system that only pretends to be democratic.

(7) These activities have full approval and enthusiastic support of the governing circles.

(8) These campaigns of terror are carefully prepared, scripted, coordinated and executed.

Various public proclamations of adherence to democratic principles by the authorities of all levels in Poland are meaningless noise, whose aim is to deceive and to mask the criminal intent.

The communist regimes have designated in the past not only individuals but also entire social groups as "outlaws", denied them basic rights and persecuted them. The methods of terror ranged from outright murder to secret sabotage of the various spheres of the victim's activity, including both professional and private life.

Today the terror against the "outlaws", or "outcasts", continues to be the main line of the political cleavage. Journalists and researchers alike are somehow strangely unable to see this simple truth. Of course one of the reasons for this cognitive failure is their participation in the junta of deceivers.

The huge, overwhelming pathologies of the entire sphere of the public life in Poland can only be compared to the total falsification of reality in the communist dictatorships.