Sunday, November 24, 2013

Letter from Poland

19 July 2013

Dear Prof. [...],

I read your interview published by the Polish newspaper [...] few days ago. I find it significant (and paradoxical) that speaking of the human capacity to do evil things [...] you and your interviewer chose to focus more on Nazism than on Communism. Open Nazism was relatively short-lived and is by now quite well understood. However the Communism was far more advanced form of social and psychological violence. It was long-lived and did not go away. It continues to exert negative influence on our societies. It was merely transformed and adapted to new circumstances after 1990. The ugly minds have perfected the methods to kill the mind and the soul of free people.

There is an ocean of difference between the democratic theater and the genuine democracy. In Poland, just like in Russia or Ukraine, we live on a completely different social and political planet. Here everything is faked: politics, media, academic research, nongovernmental organizations, entire institutions and whole areas of public life. The only real pluralism is the pluralism of lies broadcast to support this absurd theater. The social science has turned a blind eye to this farce played on such a grand scale.

Yours sincerely,

added 24 Nov. 2013:
P.S. The last sentence of the letter is an euphemism, of course.