Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The comedy in Kiev, Ukraine

The West seems to have never grasped the magnitude and the basic mechanisms of deception produced by the communist and the post-communist regimes of Eastern Europe. Right now we are witnessing a pro-European-and-anti-European comedy played in Kiev in Ukraine. It is no wonder the US makes so many foreign policy blunders when they cannot comprehend the basics of deception of its former cold-war enemies.

It is pretty clear that both the supposedly pro-European opposition and the anti-European camp are part of the same deception game. When so many things are laid to waste in Ukraine and there is no political culture and no real political freedom, would you expect the sudden emergence of a well-organized multi-week public protest in Ukraine? Of course not.

Both the "protesters" and the "regime" in Ukraine are members of the same power camp. They are friends. When you watch a theater spectacle and see the characters fight and maybe even kill one another, you know it is only a show. It is not real. What makes you think the Kiev event is something other than a spectacle?