Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wrong advice from the Washington Post

Everything goes according to plan in the Ukrainian crisis. The provocations finally worked. Emotional threshold was reached last week.

On March 2, 2014, the Washington Post published an opinion piece "Spell out the consequences for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine" by the Editorial Board, trying to push the US president Obama to engange in a quick and strong action against Russia:

The United States now faces a naked act of armed aggression in the center of Europe by a Russian regime that is signaling its intent to steamroller this U.S. president and his allies. Mr. Obama must demonstrate that can’t be done.[...]
Many in the West did not believe Mr. Putin would dare attempt a military intervention in Ukraine because of the steep potential consequences. That the Russian ruler plunged ahead shows that he doubts Western leaders will respond forcefully. If he does not quickly retreat, the United States must prove him wrong.

Why this sudden outburst of hysteria? The Washington Post is an unreliable source of political advice with respect to Russia and many other countries. In addition to the entire argument also the geography is wrong: "armed aggression in the center of Europe". No, it is a periphery of Europe.

The best way to manipulate the other political side is to get your opponent strongly engaged without him having a clue what is really going on.

Stay calm and observe from the sidelines.