Monday, April 7, 2014

Murder in Concentration Camp Poland

Release 10, 30 March 2014

Hannah Arendt wrote that concentration camp is a place where everything is possible.

Contemporary Poland is exactly this kind of place. Here everything is possible. The camp extended over the entire territory of Poland uninterruptedly since the Second World War. At a certain point the transition from the communist camp to a democratic state was simulated. However this was only a transformation of one state of exception into another, albeit a more advanced one. The entire public narrative continues to be completely falsified and the entire public life remains under the meticulous control of the junta functionaries.

This is the camp of social death, because the killing of the prisoner involves the annihilation and hijacking of the entire social sphere of his existence, his career, identity, social image, documentary evidence. Predictably, the killing is preceded by stripping the target of dignity.

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