Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Triumph of Provocation

On the subject of phony "secret" tapes of Polish government officials. The "affair" should be made into a case study in journalism schools. Bold claims, many days of intense hammering of fabricated falsehoods into tv viewers' heads.

A fabricated Nothing is made into an "affair". An exercise in stirring up emotions of mostly unsuspecting public. A phony, scripted debate in the Sejm, the parliament. The entire political process and its participants completely fake. Another tv miniseries fabricated by the Channel Junta24.

People will believe everything, no matter how poorly scripted the provocation, the cognitive processes in their brains being remotely controlled by the video stream arriving to their tv sets.

The Triumph of Provocation is also the title of the book by Józef Mackiewicz (1902-1985), a writer and political commentator, witness at the site of mass graves in Katyń, where the Soviet Union committed genocide of Polish officers during WWII. He wrote The Katyn Wood Murders (1951), the first book about that crime.