Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kollektive Arbeit Macht Frei

Almost everyone heard of and saw the inscription above the Auschwitz camp gate: Arbeit macht frei.

Communists were also very fond of praising the virtues of work. I heard it from my parents in the version "he who does not work, neither shall he eat". Those in the communist concentration camps who did not make the quota for the day, received no bread or a very small portion of it. Calling the tasteless brick "bread" is of course an insult to the real baker's product.

Today one of the Polish neo-Bolsheviks praised in his speech broadcast on tv the necessity of forcibly requiring children in schools to practice collective work. This is of course a dirty trick. Work and team work is with us from the beginnings of mankind. A sudden proclamation that these days nothing can be achieved without collective effort is a sign of a hidden agenda.