Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simulated "antisystemic" candidate of the system

The comedy of elections in camp Poland is based on the fact that all candidates to whatever political jobs and functions are participants of the only public game in town: The Simulation. They play their roles following the rules imposed on them by the central committee of narrative control (let us abbreviate it as CCNC). All public commentaries are part of the simulation.

Last evening's tv discussions aired by the channels Polsat News and TVP Info had particularly comic character. The studio guests in both channels unanimously praised one of the "antisystemic" candidates. They said that his authenticity was a result of him speaking "from his guts". Obviously the phrase "from his guts" is part of the instructions issued by CCNC.

It was even more funny to hear this expression in one channel and then hear it again in in short succession after switching to the other dis-information channel.