Saturday, June 6, 2015

Voice from Concentration Camp Poland

The state apparatus in Poland is in reality the crew of the Concentration Camp Poland. Fanatically obedient and fully dedicated to their criminal organization.

The genocide in Poland continues. The methods of social murder are identical to those used by the communist dictatorship. Here is an excerpt from the letter of my wife, a piano teacher at a state school of music (for children of an elementary and high school age), dated 22 May 2013. The school is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the government of Poland (Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego). The minister of culture, the prime minister, the president of Poland, the speaker of the Sejm, and scores of other officials and public figures, including the Polish parliament (Sejm) members were all notified and received appropriate information. Not one of them tried to stop the crime. Also the public prosecutors, lawyers, doctors (physicians), teachers, trade union representatives know about it. They remain silent because they belong to the criminal organization.

The text is published with her permission.

It is hard to imagine the suffering of a person subjected to a liquidation procedure. I could not eat, I could not sleep. I had trouble breathing. My stomach ached. My whole body was in pain. The coughing bouts prevented normal communication with people around me. I was taking large quantities of sedatives and psychotropic pills. Days, weeks and months were passing. I felt completely isolated and alone. There was no help from anywhere. Here in the middle of Europe a human soul was being murdered in front of a crowd. This was an attempt to murder a human being. Because the murder of a soul is the murder of man. This is a crime although for reasons unknown the mankind does not want to deal with it. I suppose, if evil is not called by its true name, it makes it easier to pretend it does not exist. This is a huge inequality: the soul treated as vastly inferior to the body.

The psychological torture was administered methodically, day by day, in a planned and thoughtful manner. For a long time. I was forced into situations where there was no good choice. I was ordered to thank publicly my oppressors. I was pressured to do things against the law. I was many times pressured to explain matters that I already explained earlier. I was falsely accused of neglecting to fulfill some obligations, although at the same time I was prevented from meeting those obligations. I was slandered, accused of theft. I was vilified in the eyes of all school employees, our school students, their parents and the entire artistic community. The repressions continued also outside school. I was harassed and bullied with telephone calls, emails, letters and phone text messages. It was an attempt to strip me of honor, dignity and humanity. This was very similar to a gang rape, with the exception that the target of the rape was not my body but my soul. The scars in my psyche will remain forever. You cannot erase this.