Monday, April 4, 2016

Organized violence in Poland

The text included below is part of the letter sent in May 2013 by Małgorzata Głuchowska to a person active in public life both in Poland and in United States. The original letter was in Polish. This is its English translation.

The psychological torture was administered methodically, day by day, in a planned and thoughtful manner. For a long time. I was forced into situations where there was no good choice. I was ordered to thank publicly my oppressors. I was pressured to do things against the law. I was many times pressured to explain matters that I already explained earlier. I was falsely accused of neglecting to fulfill some obligations, although at the same time I was prevented from meeting those obligations. I was slandered, accused of theft. I was vilified in the eyes of all school employees, our school students, their parents and the entire artistic community. The repressions continued also outside school. I was harassed and bullied with telephone calls, emails, letters and phone text messages. It was an attempt to strip me of honor, dignity and humanity. This was very similar to a gang rape, with the exception that the target of the rape was not my body but my soul.

I desperately looked for help. I notified people and institutions who were supposed to be the guardians of law and order, whose task was to preserve citizens' dignity and safety. It turns out those institutions do not fulfill their duties. Quite the opposite. They are actively engaged against the victim on the side of the oppressors. A large number of functionaries contribute to an extended, slow execution of the victim. Who are they? They are representatives of the government ministries, prosecutors, trade unions, lawyers and doctors.

The henchmen follow prescribed scenarios. Well-trained schemes of action. The basic tools are various types of provocations and other efforts to destroy the victim's psyche. They prepare traps for the victim to fall into. The attack is usually conducted from several sides simultaneously. Among the attackers is an old friend from school, a friend from my hometown, people I have known (or more precisely, I have thought to know) for years, as well as people previously unknown to me. Their faces expressed happiness and satisfaction, which grew in proportion to my pain. Assured of impunity they had no moral brakes or scruples.