Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bolshevik deception

The website of the Polish 11th Armored Cavalry Division includes a page devoted to its history. The Division was originally formed as the 11th Infantry Division of the 3rd Communist Army. The formation process began in October 1944 in the area of Lublin. Division formation was abandoned after nearly three months. Earlier the formation of the 3rd Army was also abandoned.

The Division was formed again in the area of Łódź in March 1945. The name was later altered to Motorized, Mechanized, Armored, again Mechanized, and finally Armored Cavalry in 1992.

Communists decided to equip the division with the "traditions" of the Communist 1st Dresden Armored Corps from the last days of WWII in Europe.

Dirty trick no. 1.
The name of King Jan III Sobieski was added in 1983. This was of course a dirty trick, since Communists did not want and essentially did not have anything in common with earlier Polish traditions.

Dirty trick no. 2
The website claims that Division became a heir to "tradition of the 1st Polish Armored Division under command of gen. Stanisław Maczek", which fought in western Europe together with forces of Poland's western allies. Poland's western army was under control of the legal Polish government located for most of WWII in exile in London.

This history article is illustrated with pictures of Polish soldiers of the Polish Army on the western front, subordinated to the Polish government in exile.

There is not a single picture of soldiers of the Communist 11th Division in the entire article.

The declaration of continuation of traditions of the 1st Polish Armored Division is fake, of course.

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