Sunday, June 29, 2014

Deception. Modus operandi

Two weeks ago the Polish weekly Wprost published transcripts of some conversations between government ministers. These conversations have supposedly occurred in restaurants in Warsaw.

Among those recorded were

minister of the interior
minister of foreign affairs
minister of finance
head of the central bank

and some other high level apparatchiks. The recordings themselves were made available on the weekly's web site.

Soon after the publication the prosecutor's office started proceedings in order to determine who ordered and who carried out these recordings and what their aim was. The prosecutors, assisted by agents of the internal security agency, visited the Wprost offices. TV cameras were there too and chaotic scenes from the weekly offices were broadcast on national tv. Endless debates about various aspects of the aforementioned recordings, their publication and subsequent actions were held on several tv and radio channels. Commentators seemingly looked at all possible aspects of the "scandal", both internal and international.

However, what no one dared to say publicly, was the possibility that the entire affair was cooked up by the junta themselves who scripted it and did the recording.

Indeed, it is most likely that the whole spectacle of the affair is part of a wider deception scheme. Surely, you need staff and actors and a script. But that's junta's modus operandi: falsify everything.