Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Ukrainian Simulation: cui bono?

Who benefits from the Ukrainian simulation of a conflict?

1. The Polish junta, who use it to refresh their completely fake image in the eyes of the EU, NATO, etc. In other words the functionaries in Warsaw wanted to recharge their fakeness.

2. The Ukrainian junta, who want to stir emotions and fears of the Western European folk in order to use it later as a bargaining trick against the EU. "Look, we are not Russians, we want democracy" they will most predictably say. Unfortunately, such declarations are not true.

3. The Russian junta, who got Crimea for playing their part in the script and upheld the image of being tough and unpredictable.

Who are the losers of this simulation?

Western Europe, United States, Canada, and the rest of the democratic world. They were sold a lousy soft remake of the original Bolshevik 1917 script and believed they watched a real expression of the "people's" will.