Friday, November 7, 2014

Fake defector Kuklinski

The time has come to say that colonel Kuklinski, who secretly delivered to the CIA the military plans of the Warsaw Pact in case of war with the NATO countries, before his defection in 1980, has not revealed any big secrets at all. Theoretically the documents he handed over were of an immense importance. Theoretically. Practically they were of little value in 1980. The really important things occurred in a different domain.

Most likely he was a provocateur specially prepared for this occasion by the communists, i.e. a fake defector. The communists simply gave CIA documents that had lost their practical significance.

Kuklinski apparently has not delivered information on key aspects of the functioning of the communist block countries. One such key issue is the manufacturing of the so-called "democratic opposition" movements in Poland, such as the Workers Defence Committee (KOR), the trade union Solidarity and related organizations, by the communist internal intelligence service. Another strategic issue was the set of hidden principles of organization of the entire communist state.

Communists gave CIA documents to let the American intelligence community and the American administration have a sense of accomplishment. However the real action was occurring elsewhere.