Monday, November 10, 2014

Polish parliament as element of organized crime

The existence of the Polish parliament Sejm during the communist dictatorship 1945-1989 was of course a communist provocation, because this was an entirely artificial body without any decision making power. More precisely, the parliament was introducing laws that were already drafted somewhere outside. In a communist concentration camp Sejm served a purely decorative function. Its job was simply to announce decisions that already have been made by the communist dictatorship.

The functioning of such "parliament" may be compared to the activity of an organized crime of the mafia type, where a bank is used for money laundering.

The Polish parliament today, i.e. the institution called Sejm in 1989-2014, continues this criminal activity. No essential changes occurred in its activities. Old decorations have been replaced by new decorations, but the modus operandi remained in place. Traditional criminal organizations can also change areas of their activities, names of their fake businesses, and their employees. However this is only a change of some tools, while keeping the organization and its methods of operation intact.