Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fake dissidents for fake narratives

Production of fake dissidents is a routine job of the Russian junta. Earlier fake dissidents and fake opposition movements were routinely manufactured in the Soviet Union and its communist satellites. The communists have understood very well that a truly successful dictatorship, i.e. one controlling the past, the present and the future, needs rebels and dissidents. Real rebels and dissidents are out of the question. If there is a real rebel or dissident somewhere he or she is to be liquidated quietly, without fanfare and without cameras rolling.

Running agents posing as dissidents is an intelligence job. Each such figure or movement is a project involving the creation of a legend, making them known to the world media, and a continually updated script for a protracted fight with the authorities.

For example the Russian blogger N., who was recently made into a major figure opposing the Kremlin rulers is a fake figure. The same applies to a certain punk band that sang stupid songs in an Orthodox church and was later "punished" by a labor camp sentence. Western media swallowed these lies without a wink.

The existence of agents posing as opposition, legal or illegal, greatly increases the possibilities for the management of the public dramaturgia. It is also beneficial for the image of Russia in the West. It prepares foundations for future lies to be manufactured and spread throughout  the world. You don't put all your eggs into one basket, the basket of the current ruling circles. When it becomes convenient or even necessary to switch the narrative about the ruling team, these "rebels" are ready to be put into the parliament, ruling circles, media, etc.

In other words, you need fake dissidents if you want to have a full control of the public narrative.