Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three generations of political persecution. Genocidal activities in Poland

8 July 2015

In the text below the following abbrevations are used: LSB – Author of this blog, MG – Author's wife, JB – Author's daughter.

We would like to inform about violations of human rights, violations of constitutional rights and about persecution of our family members for political reasons. For many years we have tried to explain and repair various irregularities. We sent many letters to authorities with questions and requests for explanations. In response there was either dead silence or increased repressions and humiliating treatment. Violations of law continue for many years. They have a persistent and a permanent character. We have analyzed in detail available evidence, data and our interactions in different social environments and in different institutions. We have also read professional literature in humanities nad social sciences. Having done all that we conclude that we are obviously dealing with persecution for political reasons, although any reference to this phenomenon is carefully omitted in public life.

The persecution continues without interruption since the generation of our grandfathers, i.e. since the second world war. Having invaded Poland, Soviet Union confiscated grandfathers farm on the side of LSB's mother, I.B., maiden name O., in G. near B. in Brasław county. Seven persons, nearly entire family, was imprisoned in concentration camps for support given to Polish underground resistance fighters, who opposed both the German and the Soviet occupation. I.B. was imprisoned from 1949 to 1956. Members of her family were tortured physically and psychologically.

Soviet invaders confiscated the farm of LSB's paternal grandfathers in the village of K. in Oszmiana county. LSB's father B. refused to serve in the communist army under Soviet control in January 1945 and fled together with several dozen of his countrymen. This decision was a revolt against genocide of Polish citizens, including members of the Polish anti-Nazi resistance, carried out by the Soviet Union. B. did not want to pledge allegiance to communists murderers. He also participated in a battle against Soviet forces. He was a political prisoner in communist concentration camps from 1945 to 1956.

After coming out from the camps LSB's parents continued to be persecuted and watched by the communist secret services both at workplace and in private life. LSB was also a target of these activities. He wanted to be a scientist but had no chance to do a Ph.D. in communist Poland. Having obtained a doctoral degree in Physics from an American university in 1995, he returned to Poland. Here repressions resumed immediately.

LSB and MG married in 1997. Shortfly afterwards also MG became the target of repression. Later our daughter JB was also targeted.

In 1999 the regional inspector of the Ministry of Culture blocked the advance of MG to the position of the head of the piano section in the State School of Music in Z.G. The inspector claimed in a letter addressed to the school director, that MG did not possess the necessary professional qualifications. This was an unjustified and unlawful action. MG obviously did possess all the required qualifications. The letter was an obvious ploy to stop MG's professional advance.

In September 2011 an intensive campaign was launched, whose aim was to bring MG to social death. Representatives of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as two state prosecutors participated in the campaign.

In the same school year of 2011/12 a series of simultaneous provocations was launched against LSB and MG in their workplaces and against their daughter in her elementary school.

On 8 March 2012 MG was fired from the post of the section head (she held that position since 2008) without justification. The law regulating the educational system requires that such decision be accompanied by a written explanation. One cannot fire a person from a managerial post in the educational system without written precise, detailed explanation. MG lost part of her income as a result. MG was also deprived of the usual school director awards which are given yearly to successful teachers.

LSB was deprived of university rector's award in 2012 (for achievements in 2011) which he should obviously receive for his discoveries in the scientific work. Rector's award in 2011 was reduced to third class (first class being the highest), although the significance of his work was obviously much greater.

University documents concerning LSB were falsified at the University where he is employed and elsewhere a number of times. The university management, the department leaders and coworkers violated the law. They did their utmost to block LSB's professional development and were continuously trying to make him quit the Department of Physics of the University. There were also attempts of theft of LSB's intellectual property.

Documents of the State School of Music in Z.G. were falsified. This statement refers both to documents concerning MG herself and to those concerning the overall functioning of the school.

There are serious reasons to believe that our daughter JB is improperly treated in her current school for political reasons.

In recent years individuals unknown to us entered our apartment during our absence on number of occasions. Situations were arranged with an obvious aim to induce the feeling of fear.

Actions against LSB and MG were conducted also in countries outside Poland.

Actions aimed at total destabilization, and consequently psychological breakdown, resulting in strong PTSD symptoms and mental and social death, are carried out following schemes devised under communist dictatorship. These schemes were adapted to new circumstances after 1990 and are in continuous use today. The attack is carried out not only in the professional field but also in the area of private life, including family life. It is based on continuous delivery of traumatic incidents of varying intensity. It is aimed at destroying our psychological resistance, destroying the joy of life, the will to live and the will to undertake creative activities.

Actions of genocidal character are being carried out in Poland without interruption since WWII. The targets of the persecution are all those who firmly opposed communism and refused to bend their back to the communist rule. Communists murdered them, deprived of jobs suitable to their professional qualifications, confiscated property and deprived of chances for social advance. They also decided to erase them from public memory.

Observation of public life in Poland and our family experience prove that we are dealing with a decision of „de facto damnatio memoriae” type. It is action which has not been publicly announced – otherwise it would be a public admission of guilt – whose aim is to eliminate persecution targets from public memory, to falsify their social and professional idenity, to falsify or hide documents related to them and their families, to make their life unbearable.

Signed by LSB and MG